Madonnas to be

I wanted to try a new canvas, specially made for watercolour. But it's not as good as I thought, as it stays wet too long and the surface is not nice to touch.

I started to paint thinking about "light and softness", that's why the yellow is so present. The baby and the mother appeared quite quickly. I could say too quickly even, as it made me deep into the shape and the lines, even painting her face, which I usually don't do... Most of the time the cleverness of the brush touch gives the right amount of colour to have a face we can feel or guess...

So well, I have to work a lot on it, still, to make the madonna melt into her landscape, and to melt the colours together too, to have a united picture in the end, with an emotion! :)

After so much yellow, I felt I wanted blue. Blue blue blue and blue again. That image came to me, of a mother and child deep into a blue forest, very deep and shady. So I started again, with blue!

I'm afraid it won't look like the picture in my mind, but it's ok! :)

Here you can see the very beginning of it, but already on the second picture we can see a woman appearing...